Welcome to ATI Solutions, LLC and AG-TEQ Supply, located in The Dalles, OR.

You're probably already imagining all you could accomplish if your office, vehicles and workers were all connected wirelessly - sharing data faster and more efficiently than you ever thought possible.

With Connected Farm™ you'll now be able to:

Design or edit an A/B line then immediately share it with other vehicles in the field for improved guidance management.

Coordinate vehicle management by sending instructions to the cab of your choice. Get the tractor where you want it, faster than ever.

Streamline soil sampling data collection by wirelessly transferring target maps to the field, or completed jobs to the office with no limitation on the number of employees sampling at the same time.

Create prescription maps in the office and immediately send them to the field.

Automatically save original data files in a secure location outside the farm and eliminate the fear of losing valuable data.

Collect yield data during harvest and quickly send the information to the office for data processing.
ATI Solutions, LLC is proud to work with FarmWorks and Trimble to bring you the next generation of farming with Connected Farm.

Connected Farm enables farmers to achieve more in less time, helping your bottom line and the environment. With prescription maps, you can use just the right amount of pesticides and fertilizers, helping to preserve your land for future generations. By monitoring water content in your soil, you'll be able to water your crops more responsibly. It's the little things that build profits and make a difference to the environment.
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Mapping and Scouting
Connected Farm utilizes a free app for smartphones and tablets to map field boundaries, scouting data, and other points of interest. Maps and scouting data can also be saved and viewed online.