Welcome to ATI Solutions, LLC and AG-TEQ Supply, located in The Dalles, OR.
ATI Solutions, LLC provides precision agriculture hardware solutions around the Northwest while also providing a wide range of GPS-based services including EC Mapping, Field Mapping, Soil Sampling and more...
Using Yield / VRA (Variable Rate Application) data will help you with Variable Rate Fertilizer, Field Variability and Zone Mapping.  It records real time yield and moisture data, showing precise locations of high and low yield zones and how field conditions affect yield. 

Our systems can all be equipped with the optional auto cut width feature.  This creates more accurate maps by automatically adjusting the cut width when traveling over point rows or other previously harvested areas. 

Yield data can be used in conjunction with soil type maps and EC Data to create VRA fertilizer and seed prescription maps.  These prescription maps can then be exported to virtually any VRA-capable controller.

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